City of Shadows

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City of ShadowsCity of Shadows. Very often in small towns, one or two factories of different kinds hold the town together. They are the source of existence for a lot of families. Off course, if the factory works well. But, if we are dealing with some accident catastrophe or bad working, than the whole village or town falls down. Those places turn into some holes, poverty comes along, people are unhappy, searching for existence and it takes a lot of time for the town to arise from the materialistic ashes. And life is even worse when a terrible catastrophe would appear. The world will never forget 26 April 1986 in the Ukraine town Chernobyl, when a catastrophic nuclear accident occurred at the Nuclear Power Plant.

Maybe the number of people that died wasn’t huge (31), but the long-term consequences on the health of the workers and people that lived by are still mystery and are being investigated. The town of Dresa is a small place. Bigger part of its inhabitants work in the Chemical factory which is situated in the town. Life has been quiet and peaceful two months ago, but than a huge catastrophe happened in the Chemical Factory.

The big explosion destroyed the whole factory, took too many human lives, and for the rest of the inhabitants, due to the big air pollution, moved away from their homes. Dresa is now left all alone, with no inhabitant at all. Group of scientists arrive in Dresa wanting to collect as much as possible objects for examination. Their final point is to determine the level of the air pollution. They are going to be devastated from the image they will see when they will arrive on the place. The small Dresa, from a happy town with happy people, today is been turned into City of Shadows.