Circus Romance Game

Circus Romance Circus Romance. Yeah, romance can happen everywhere and of course with anyone. We could choose carefully who we will fell in love with but when the heart starts ticking faster for someone, none rational thought has the power to stop it or change its opinion.

In the following game it is about a romance that has been born in the circus. Aurelia is the daughter of the circus owner and she has fallen in love with Vincenzo, the animal trainer that works in the circus. He seems like a nice boy and they are madly in love but that is not her father’s opinion. He is too strict and principled and he can’t accept things easily so at the moment he is the biggest obstacle for their love. If he finds out about their romance, he will definitely expel Vincenzo from the circus. That’s why Aurelia and her loving boyfriend decide to escape from the place and find their happiness somewhere far from the circus. However, since this is a serious thing to do, they will need some help from you which mean that you have their destiny of your own hands.

In this game we have a completely new gameplay but we are quite sure you will easily get accustomed to. There are four different modes of searching for hidden objects – a regular one, searching objects based on their silhouettes, looking for two same items, and looking for two pieces of a same object. The game is also divided into three chapters and in each chapter there is one mini bonus game, a puzzle, memory game and another bonus game – Zuma… This means that you have a lot of job to do, so let’s start right away!

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