Circus of Shadows Game

Circus of Shadows Circus of Shadows. Many times we have heard the question what hides the clown under those tons of makeup, under his mask? He always acts happy and is bringing smiles to other people’s faces but what about his own? What if he has some problem at the moment and he has to play or do some ridiculous things? Well perhaps that could be a part of every job, not just being a clown… but let’s start from the beginning.

A circus came in the city and made all people happy. Many of them were rushing to buy tickets and visit the first performance, so they could have a chance to see it again during its stay. The first day of the performance was also very successful for the clown Bobo because many people were coming from all around the city to see his performance exactly. Bobo was very happy to know that he doing his job successfully and people love him. But the next day this wonderful circus tuned into a circus of shadows…

Clown Bobo’s daughter has disappeared from her trailer… Bobo felt desperate, he has to find the reason why his daughter decided to leave or maybe something bad has happened. Why if she was kidnapped or something?! There are maybe tears under the clown’s mask, but he has to stay tough and find his daughter as soon as he can. Are you willing to help him?

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