Circus of Fear Game

Circus of Fear Circus of Fear Game: There are plenty of times when we’ve had the urge to ‘run away with the circus’ but rather than a never-ending cycle of fun and adventure, the reality is that working in this challenging arena requires focus, determination, strength and a hell of a lot of hard work.

Janice is a contemporary circus performer and has worked in the circus since she was little. With whom she has toured the world and garnered a string of awards. But, her circus strayed far from the cliché of what circus should be when evil spirits possessed it some time ago. Janice and the other acrobats and circus workers lost their jobs. Because the spirits didn’t allow anyone present on the spot.

The ghosts that have been spotted at the circus are different from any others. That’s because these ones scream and cry out in pain. Today, Janice and her colleagues are returning to the circus to fight the ghosts. And regain the circus in their possession. The circus is all they have and their lives depend on it, so please help them evict the spirits! Enjoy and have fun in playing Circus of Fear Game.

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