Chronicles of Albian Game

Chronicles of Albian The Magic ConventionChronicles of Albian. In the land of Albian, magic is a normal part of everyday life. And every so often, the most powerful wizards, sorceresses, and magicians in all the land congregate. For a meeting of the minds, the Convention of Magic Masters. This year the convention will take place at the beautiful Albian Castle. The home of Gwendolyn the Fairy.

In the magic-filled Hidden Object game Chronicles of Albian. The Magic Convention is your mission to search Albian Castle for treasures to help pay for all the necessary repairs and upgrades to be done. Along the way you’ll meet a crazy cast of wizards, witches, warlocks. Solve more than 80 puzzles as you adventure through the beautiful castle of Albian. Seek and find thousands of unique objects, enjoy a breathtaking instrumental soundtrack and choose from a myriad of medieval castle upgrades to create your very own new style. Will you finish in time for the convention?

Gwendolyn is quite overwhelmed by all the work to be done before the convention and she needs your help! So use your Hidden Object talents to find hidden treasures. And help finance the required repairs and upgrades to the castle grounds! Enjoy and have fun in playing this online hidden object game.

Chronicles of Albian is an online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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