Christmas Fair Game

Christmas Fair Christmas Fair. Few days before Christmas – the most interesting period of the year for many people. It is the period when everyone feels happy and excited in some way, like we are all living in a fairy tale, expecting something nice and magical to happen. Perhaps that comes from those numerous Christmas stories we have heard when we were kids but it doesn’t matter, it is so good to feel that way! Also to a large extent these feelings are stimulated by those decorations that we see all around us in the shop windows, on the streets, all those Christmas trees… We simply cannot resist those feelings so we give in to the Christmas euphoria.

This year’s Christmas bazaar has just started. Since we all love to decorate our homes for Christmas, it would be great if we visit the Christmas bazaar first, so we could look for some interesting decorations that will make our homes even more beautiful. Except the homes, many people decorate their yards as well, so the bazaar offers so many things for that too. Here we can find all kinds of Christmas decorations, lampions, lights, gifts but also very nice materials which can be used for making our own decorations and being unique this Christmas.

When we are done with the Christmas shopping, it is time to come back home and decorate the Christmas tree. Actually the last level of the game is a puzzle. We have a Christmas tree with places where bought lampions and decorations should be placed.

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