Child of the Forest Game

Child of the Forest Child of the Forest. Noup, there are not only Tarzan and Mowgli kids lost in the jungle, believe it or not. Those stories are wide known all around the world and they talk about the opposition nature – civilization, telling us that life can also be good when we share it with animals without knowing about much about the civilization, based mostly on artificial things. There is also one girl named Jeanine that shares a similar story as those guys. She is known as the child of the forest and the reason for that is the following one. When Jeanine was really young, she was found alone in the forest. She doesn’t known neither remember her real parents and no one knows how she got there or how did she manage to survive alone in the forest since she was that young and she didn’t know anything about life.

After she was found, Jeanine lived in civilization but her previous life was always hunting her so now when she is older, she decided to come back into the forest and discover the strange truth. Jeanine starts her search from the village where she was brought first, her first touch with civilization and after that, she enters deep into the woods and discovers details about her past.

Meet Jeanine and see what has happen to her. Maybe together you will be more able to discover the truth about her ancestry and help her understand what happen, how did she end up alone in the woods and who was responsible for taking care of her when she was that young.

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