Charmed in the Garden Game

Charmed in the Garden Charmed in the Garden. Mrs. Collins is quite charming lady but it seems that she doesn’t have so much luck when it comes to love. That’s why she is still single. Maybe she didn’t catch few of the good chances that she had through her life; she was always too much cautious and didn’t leave her heart to decide what to do. However, the life experience has taught her that chances in life should be caught and this thought has lead her to a blind date, something that she wouldn’t accept in any case, few years ago.

The thing is that Mrs. Collins has a secret admirer and this admirer has invited her on a date in romantic garden, near their town. Of course that Mrs. Collins was thinking about this invite for a while, she didn’t know what to say but finally she got the courage and accepted the invite. She has arrived at the romantic garden and she is waiting for her secret admirer, but she can’t see him because he is waiting her at the other side of the garden. Well this is sweet pain for sure, Mrs. Collins has to make a certain effort to find her date and she already feels butterflies in stomach. She has to pass the whole garden and get to the fountain where her secret admirer is waiting for her. Let’s hope that some cute and interesting guy will wait for our lady on the other side of the garden because she definitely deserves that.

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