Charlotte’s Treasure Game

Charlotte's Treasure Charlotte’s Treasure. We are loving creatures. We have a need to be loved, but also to love. This need to love may find its outlet in many people and things — love for a spouse, love for a parent, love for a sibling, love for a child, love for a friend etc. But we also have love for work, love for art, love for nature, love for country… We experience loss when we are separated from our home country, when we must leave a good job, when an object of sentimental value is taken from us.

Charlotte’s Treasure. Charlotte is just like every one of us. She loves and is loved, but what she loves the most are objects. She had a strong emotional attachment to things since she was a girl. Today she is a 40 year old woman with a house full of objects that mean a world to her. In her collection she has a variety of items from her earliest childhood to present day. Charlotte collects and preserves objects that evoke fond memories of her life. Her house is almost full of dolls, blankets, all sorts of child games, sports equipment etc. It’s like a roll down memory lane every day. It may sound strange to some of us but she has love for all of her objects.

Today is a big day for Charlotte. She is back in the house of her parents and going through a sentimental journey one more time. She notices that there are many interesting objects appropriate for her and the search may start right away. Let’s see together if we can find relevant items from her childhood to take at her new home.

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