Chamber of Souls Game

Chamber of Souls Chamber of Souls. Egypt and Egyptology as science is maybe one of the most intriguing knowledge in the world history, culture and science. Egyptologists study the history, language, art from the 5th millennium BC. The people of Egypt have left us big heritage which we should not forget. They gave us the mathematics, the paper and a lot of knowledge and skills without which the world today would not be the same place to be. And can you imagine their knowledge when they didn’t even have books to learn from and they built the famous pyramids on a mysterious way that today’s scientists can’t answer. For today we are representing you the world of old Kheops pyramid where a mystery happens.

Chamber of Souls. In the famous Kheops pyramid, group of European scientists are doing restoration on the southern part of the pyramid. While they work, they discover unknown graveyard. They enter into the pyramid to see what they have discovered, but they are not aware that they actually enter a trap. In the moment they will touch the unknown grave, the tunnel that leads to the graveyard is closing and they stay trapped inside.

Here, they feel someone’s presence, the souls of the berried in the graveyard. They have to find exit of the graveyard, they need help. Our player has the role of a member of the team and he has to look better and carefully and to look for a way how to save themselves from this trap. Would you help them?

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