Castle of Spirits Game

Castle of Spirits Castle of Spirits Game: Sometimes it’s easy to understand how legends of haunting get started. Some towering, incredible castles and mansions look like they should contain spirits. And each one has a fantastic ghost story to go along with it. Judith never really believed in ghosts until…

Yesterday she received a call from her sister to come and visit her. The village in which her sister lives is a little far. So she packed her bags and headed towards the village to meet her sister. But, it is already getting dark and Judith starts to look for a shelter to spend the cold night all protected and warm. She arrives in one abandoned castle and decides that this is the perfect place to stay.

But the place is not as ideal as it seems at first. This could well be an eternal place of unrest for numerous spirits. On various occasions, visitors to the castle have reported a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of prisoners, even a ghost of a dog. In a matter of minutes, ghosts begin to appear. Judith is scared and needs your help. So enjoy and have fun in playing Castle of Spirits Game.

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