Caribbean Paradise Game

Caribbean Paradise Caribbean Paradise Game: The Caribbean is a region consisted of the Caribbean Sea, together with its islands and the surrounding coasts. And yes, you may say that there are numerous regions similar like it, but not definitely not same. The incredible nature, the azure color of the sea, those amazing palm trees. All of that it’s something that attracts numerous tourists during the year. The nature seems untouched but at the same time many tourist agencies organize tours that offer visit to every island at the Caribbean.

And we could freely say that there is not a person in the world that doesn’t like to visit this amazing place. But Anya has that luck to be born and live at one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. This island is known by its wonderful sand islands and numerous interesting place for walk.

She is also an owner of one of the beaches on the island. A very nice place with private bungalows. There are only few days before the start of the season and the first tourists are coming in few days. Anya has to check out all the picnic places and see if everything is all right. She works very well and she likes everything to be in a great order before the start of the season. Because she knows that this is the only way to attract a lot tourists and keep the image of the place.

We could also help Anya do her job by helping her clean the place. We will walk with her through the wonderful beaches. And get rid of all the objects that not needed. Let’s start right away because the new season is just about to start. Finally enjoy playing Caribbean Paradise Game.

Play Caribbean Paradise Game