Camping Weekend Game

Camping Weekend Camping Weekend. Jones family is our hero for this game. They prepare for an unforgettable weekend at the mountain of Higher Bounder Fault in Scotland. They are more than happy that are going to be close to the nature and that they will have the chance to pass a whole weekend as a family. They chose to settle at a mountain cottage near the lake. The father Edward knew the legend for this place that here somewhere is the source of longevity. He knew from his father and grandfather that whoever reached the Source of immortality could stay the age he is and live like that forever.

It was not difficult for him to persuade his family to enter this adventure. Edward drew a map of possible places that the source could be, as he remembered the story of his ancestors. His wife Stella and children Jake and Mary had to follow specific red color water which will lead them to the source. Kids weren’t very aware of what they are entering. The happiest ones will achieve the goal to live forever.

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