Camp Reunion Game

Camp Reunion Camp Reunion Game: You all had experiences when you think you are going with your best friend on a camping or vacation. And there you realize that nothing really connected you with that person as a bigger quality, except for the neighborhood. And, we all remember those summer vacations and camps,for lifetime. There, you get the chance to explore some new quality of yours to compete with friends. Or actually, compete only with your self on all those programs, Who sings the best, who acts the best, who will prepare the perfect mask etc.

Camp Reunion Game for today will bring you back in your childhood. Florence received an invitation from her friends for a weekend in the camp. Where they went very often while they were teenagers. Florence is extremely happy that a lot of years later she is going to visit the camp again. And will go back to the wonderful days she has spent there. Our player is one of Florence’s friends and together they are looking the camp and remind themselves about the places they have visited and played while they were teenagers.

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