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Breeze of LoveBreeze of Love. There are numerous ways of celebrating love but of course, getting married is the one that is most official and most accepted from the society which makes the wedding day one of the most important days for everyone who has decided to make this important step. However, aside from the official part, the wedding is actually a great party organized by the couple that is getting married and also the friends and the relatives of the couple are pretty excited when this day comes.

In our case Martha’s brother is getting married. His wedding will be a couple of days from now and even though he is a well organized person, somehow he left to be in a great hurry just before the wedding. Martha also feels the panic because she is also included in the organization of the wedding and it seems that there isn’t enough time for everything planned. Martha’s brother has decided to make the wedding in the small city park and before the actual date, they have to put everything in a great order in this short time period that has left.

Martha is in charge for walking through all planned destinations where the wedding is planned to take place and prepare them for the occasion. That means that she should find all stuff that is needed for decorating the locations and get rid of all unneeded stuff, so everything could be just fine.

Martha is very excited before her brother’s big day so she is willing to finish everything as perfect as possible, so her brother and her sister in law could enjoy the happiest day in their lives. Let’s see what is going on in the park and help Martha and her brother with the wedding organizations.

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