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Brave Love Brave Love. Thomas is known as one of the main Knights of the Round Table. He is known around for his braveness, and the fact that he has won so many battles. Everyone sees at him with great respect – the other knights and his fellow citizens, being aware that the security of their kingdom lies in his hands. However, besides the numerous battles that make Thomas very proud and the fact that he is a widely respected person, there is one more battle that he hasn’t conquered yet.

Perhaps that is actually the most important quest in his life and that is conquering Patricia’s heart. Patricia is actually the daughter of the duke Gilebin who is one of the biggest enemies of the king.

We all know that there are no rules for falling in love in someone so Thomas could also not choose who will be his great love, so now he starts the greatest battle in his life – conquering the heart of Patricia. At the moment Thomas is in the place where Patricia lives. He is in the castle but very soon he realizes that Patricia is locked in the neighboring tower which means that he will have to try little bit harder if he likes to get to her. In order get there Thomas will have to find certain objects that will help him set Patricia free and take her with him, even though her father, the duke Gilebin, is against their love.

Brave Love is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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