Book of 1000 Stories Game

Book of 1000 Stories Book of 1000 Stories. That is quite sure, when we are young we hear different stories and usually we receive them as truth – that’s how children’s brain works, and the doubts appear later. That’s why so many kids believe in Santa Claus or the Sandman, or other fictional characters from the stories. However, we can’t be sure that those characters were really fictional or they lived in some other space and time, many years ago, or at least some of them, depending from the story…

When Donna was very young, she was listening every night a different story from her grandfather. He knew numerous stories and Donna enjoyed them very much, retold wonderfully from her grandfather. One day she asked her grandfather where does he get all those stories and he answered her that those stories come from the great Book of 1000 stories. That was an acceptable answer but something that stayed in her mind for all these years was the story about the petrified dwarfs and their great treasure. They have stolen the treasure from the evil queen and once she knew about that, the put a spell on them and turned them into stones. The story says that after they were turned into stones, the treasure stayed undiscovered for a long time.

This might be a story like every other story but Donna always believed that there is something real about it so she has decided to find the treasure of the petrified dwarfs and discover if this story was really true.

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