Blackheart Village Game

Blackheart Village Blackheart Village. Keisha is just one of the outcast girls from her birth village. The peaceful and harmonic life has been the usual image of the small village. Exactly one year ago their village fell under a great curse and a lot of disasters and a lot of people lost their lives. Together with her parents Keisha had to leave the village before something terrible happens to them. Since then, the village got the name ‘Blackheart Village’. Luckily Keisha and her big family did a great thing by leaving their home in time, because a lot of members of the wider Keisha’s family unfortunately weren’t so lucky and passed away. Keisha was determined that she is going to fight the curse and try to save her village.

Now, Keisha is returning back on her property after exactly one year. More than anything she wants to achieve is to collect as much as possible of her personal stuff. That is not going to be an easy task because in the last twelve months there were bad people that did forcibly entries in their house. Keisha was very sad when she saw her favorite things missing, but fortunately, there were a lot of them left.

Keisha said to herself that she shouldn’t cry and safe what she can. After all, she admitted that those are only stuffs and that the people and the memories is what matters the most. And yes, Keisha had a lot of things to remember, since she lived for 17 years in that house. She was raised in that house, together with her sisters and brother and together they had a happy childhood. Now is time to find anything that reminds her of those beautiful days.

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