Black Wave

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Game Details

Black WaveBlack Wave. Security Coast Guard from the north coast was doing its job, taking care of everything that happens on the coast but they all stayed shocked when they saw a small wooden boat anchoring on the port. What made this event even stranger, was the fact that there wasn’t anyone on the boat – just the boat! The people from the guard are quite scared because since there isn’t anyone on the boat, all passengers and the crew might be hurt or perhaps they died…

Another thing that scares them very much is that the last night was recorded by the Security Coast Guard forming of a huge wave, known by the sea experts as Black Wave and it is about a quite dangerous happening. The people from the Security Coast Guard started exploring the boat and the objects around the boat right away, with an aim to find certain proofs in order to determine the identity of the people who were on the boat. Next thing is looking for those people around the boat and reporting the relatives about the happening, with hope that they will find them alive and even bigger catastrophe would be avoided.

Let’s be initiative and human and help the guard for the missing people and probably figure out what has actually happen.