Beyond The Mirrors Game

Beyond The Mirrors Beyond The Mirrors. Time travel has been a mystery since forever. Some people believe in it, there are even stories about time machines that make this thing possible. Other people believe that it is all about present, that everything that happened in the past and everything that will happen in the future is related to the present. And this distinction is just a way to organize the things that happen in our lives. However, we are all aware of what has happen yesterday, what happens today, so this distinction could not be just a metaphor, at least our logics says that…

But those parameters mix up in Amber’s case because something really extraordinary has happened to her. She is really scared and excited about the thing she has discovered just suddenly. Namely, she has discovered a mirror, but a mirror that has some unusual property. This mirror that has been found in Amber grandmother’s house is a secret portal toward the past and the future. Amber has realized that time travel is not impossible because she could travel toward the past and toward the future using this mirror.

Before this girl there is a huge and responsible mission – to discover the objects that are related to her family. Her mission is to explore the space in the past, to see what is here in the present. But also to ‘jump’ into the future and see what is hiding there. Amber is really scared because for all regular people only the present is certain, we live in it and we could be sure only about it, while other people’s past and present are parameters that haven’t been open for her, until now… Let’s take part in this interesting journey and see how this strange mirror functions. Maybe we could learn something from this strange happening.

Beyond The Mirrors is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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