Bewitched Flowers Game

Bewitched Flowers Bewitched Flowers. There are many stories about the places where the elves live. Perhaps the story about Santa Claus’s elves is the one that is most famous but besides those elves there are complete elf civilizations that live in different places… Now we will meet one of them and get to know something more about their own story of life and the challenges they have.

Amara is part of the Edea civilization. They are elf people that live in castles, deep into the woods. Amara’s friend is a scientists and a botanist that often makes experiments using flowers. His intention is getting new interesting flower species. But even though this seems rather innocent and harmless, something unusual has happened. Namely, one unintentional mistake has turned Amara’s kingdom into a dangerous place for living. All of a sudden, the place was full of carnivorous flowers that started growing all around, without a control.

Amara, together with her friends, are on a mission to deal with this strange situation and the carnivorous flowers that start ruling the kingdom of Edea. They have to find six bottles with magical fluid in them. The next step is combining those fluids and making a solution that will destroy the carnivorous flowers. This is our chance to take part in this elf adventure. And help the people of Edea find a way how to survive under those unusual circumstances. Let’s look around together with Amara. And help her find the magical bottles before those scary flowers take the control over the kingdom. So enjoy and have fun in playing Bewitched Flowers Game.

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