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Bewitched Dream Bewitched Dream. A dream that repeats itself is referred to as a recurring dream. It is a type of dream that we have on a regular basis when we sleep. Many people find reoccurring dreams disturbing, if only for the fact that they seem to be stuck on repeat. The majority of our recurring dreams usually appear as a nightmare or a very unpleasant dream. You may get the same dream once a week, once a month, or once a year. It doesn’t matter how far apart the dreams are, the important piece here is that the dream repeats. Recurrent dreams tend to stand out in your mind. This is the reason why some people experience confusion and sometimes cannot make a difference between dream and reality. This is also the case of our character for today.

A few years ago Martha was visiting a little town called Brinnon. It was just a regular visit, but this visit has somehow remained with her over this whole period of time. Ever since she returned home Martha started dreaming about that little town. Her dreams about it became more frequent over the years. These recurring dreams appear to be very unpleasant and scary. The main difference between reoccurring and one-off dreams is that reoccurring dreams have an important message that you are not hearing. So the dream repeats itself again and again and again and again… until you finally pay attention and take appropriate action.

She always dreams of the same place, the same house and is always hearing the same voices asking for her help. Martha has taken her son and they are both now in Brinnon. Since she is far passed the point where she clearly distinguish dream and reality, Martha doesn’t know if she is dreaming this or not. She tried to become more aware of the elements contained in these dream but with no luck.

Now Martha is certain that resolving the person behind the mysterious voice asking for help in her dreams will end this long bewitched dream.

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