Beware of the Night Game

Beware of the Night Beware of the Night. While some people find inspiration in the night, find best time to share their love with someone, to watch great movie and enjoy a book, other people go to bed feeling scared, waiting for the new day to come. Those people usually lock all doors in the house, keep some improvised ‘weapon’ near, call their friends and relatives, waiting from them to convince them that everything is all right, there is no reason to be scared. But on the other hand, there is a reason to be scared. We all know that the nights are the time when most of the crimes happen, all horrors locate the bad persons and happenings in night chronotop and so on, which means that the night is scary somehow.

Eleanor also has a bad experience about something that happened to her exactly at night. Namely she had experience with robbers when she was home alone and she can’t forget the picture of the terrible happening. They didn’t steal that much, they didn’t harm her seriously but facing them was scary enough for her.

From that happening until now Eleanor is scared when she has to stay home alone and this time she is alone at her property while her husband is on a business trip. That’s why we are asking from you to be a friend and help Eleanor not to feel that scared. She asks from you to o around the property together with her in order to make sure that there is no one around before she goes to sleep.

Beware of the Night is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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