Bermuda’s Secret

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Bermuda's SecretBermuda’s Secret. There are a lot of mysteries in the world. But undoubtedly one of the most popular one is The Bermuda Triangle. Because of it’s mystic characteristics, this region is called The Devil’s Triangle, as well. It is believed that innumerable aircraft and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. And now, because the science still hasn’t answered what really lies beneath this mystery, and that it probably is a matter of paranormal activities. The question remains open if it exists or not. But, for us today that is not the most important thing at all. We are just trying to put you into a new adventure and enjoy this Sunday, as much as possible.

Bermuda’s Secret. We placed our new game on this region, because it is popular and intriguing. Two experienced pilots Veronica and Andrew have lost the signal in the control tower over the Bermuda triangle. Besides their big experience, their plane crashed into the deep jungle in the Bermuda Island. It is great that they are alive, as well as the voyagers that they transferred. All together they need to find out the exit of the jungle. Searching for the exit of the jungle, they discover something spectacular, they find out the old city which according to a lot of generations, it doesn’t really exist and it is only an invention of the local population, as a way to attract tourists.

They decide to enter into this lost city and to explore it as detailed as possible. So, yet, another mystery appears near the North Atlantic Ocean. For all of you fans of mysteries, adventures or paranormal activities this game should appear pretty attractive. Would you help Veronica and Andrew and their passengers?