Behind the Scene Game

Behind the Scene Behind the Scene. Most of us are usually part of the people that watch the things that happen on the stage and we have to admit that it seems like some magic is going on there, when we see those incredible performances, those amazing artists that bare all their energy in order to capture us the feelings of the performance.

It seems like that it is really a piece of someone’s life, playing just before us in that moment, but behind that there is actually a lot of work engaged, so many hours of practicing and so many hours spent on make up in the back stage, a lot of effort but that’s why the results are so good.

Now we will take a tour exactly in that place where the actors and the actresses prepare for their performance. They will have an amazing show tonight; they’ve been working on it for a longer period of time so they are prepared to shine on the stage. It would be a great pleasure for us to meet them in the special VIP area of the backstage and have a chat about their work. This would be something new and exciting for all of us because it is a great privilege to take a look behind the scene. You are completely welcomed here, so let’s walk through the halls behind the scene and meet all those great artists.

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