Beautiful November Game

Beautiful November Beautiful November. Love, love, love… There is nothing more beautiful than love, that’s for sure. People that are in love, love the world more, or at least they see the things on their beautiful side, and appreciate them more. Butterflies in the stomach but also a lot of affiliation, a lot of respect and care for the loved one. Many mutual interests between two people, a lot of similarities, but also different views that make the relationship whole….all those things describe love. They appear at the first moment of love but if they manage to last for a longer period, that means that we are talking about a true love and true love has no limits.

Jack is married to Ana for already few years. And if for some people the love falls dawn with the years, with those two is exactly the opposite – their love becomes stronger and stronger. They love themselves most and always find a nice way to show that to each other. Ana’s birthday is near and Jack decides to make her a surprise.

She expects that he will prepare something for her for the special day, but she doesn’t even imagine that her loved partner has decided to rent a weekend house by the lake. He has planned a wonderful weekend for both of them, in the amazing environment around the lake. There is beautiful nature there, fresh air, and the house is very nice too. However, Jack likes to make everything perfect so he would need little help for organizing the things so are you willing to take part in this lovely act of love?

Beautiful November is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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