Basement Treasure Game

Basement Treasure Basement Treasure. Mary’s grandmother is living alone. It was nice for her when she was younger and she could take care of herself but as the time passes, she started to feel weaker and little bit alone so the Mary’s family has decided to take grandma in their house. Mary’s grandma will live together with them so she won’t feel lonely anymore. Mary is really happy about that because grandma was always more like her friend than a parent, they have an incredible communication and love to spend time together.

However, before grandma comes, they should move her things from her previous home. They’ve decided to check out the basement first because there could be some things that should be thrown away or some things that will need to be moved to their house. Mary also takes part in the relocation and she is very trilled about it. She also starts with the basement and she is checking out every possible object there.

While she is cleaning she is pleasantly surprised by every object that she sees. There are numerous old but well preserved objects that witness about one older time, the time when grandpa was younger. Mary feels like she is reviving grandma’s memories because all those objects seem as they have a spirit, each one of them tells a different story, retelling the life of grandma. You could also take part in this story by cleaning grandma’s basement. Explore every corner and see what is grandma still keeping there.

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