Back to the Roots

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Game Details

Back to the RootsBack to the Roots. Welcome to the first episode of this interesting serial named Springfield Farm. This is actually the episode called ‘Back to the Roots’ and here you will meet two interesting characters – Mary and Billy. Those two guys have decided to quit the civilization to some extend and leave the urban living with living on the farm. They have decided to engage in farming, start breeding animals and developing organic food. This is a very interesting dedication and many young people these days decide to turn to the nature and start doing something like this.

Besides those two characters, you will take part in the following game as their assistant and work parallel with them on developing the farm. In the first episode the owners of the farm decide to organize a type of a garage sale, in order to get rid of unwanted stuff that could be found there but also in order to earn some money that could be invested in renovating of the farm.

In the following game you have your own character but also you choose one character, Mary or Billy and they lead you through the game. Since it is about a garage sale, there are costumers that come to you looking for a certain object and when they come they have three hearts. As soon as you provide them the wanted object, you get more hearts and you make the costumers more satisfied… Maybe you haven’t played this kind of a game before but it is about a new, very interesting gameplay that will definitely keep your attention.