Away from Home Game

Away from Home Away from Home. There are numerous books and movies that talk about the brave sailors and their feats but not so many, or not at all, stories about sailors with homesickness. OK, it does not go with the definition of brave but what when those sailors were very young and they just started sailing the seas?! It is one thing to move in the town for a first job but to move away from the mainland and change it with the sea, numerous miles away from home?! Well that is something really scary for the young sailors, we have to admit, even if most of them try to stay calm and continue their trips.

This is one sincere story about the young sailor Arthur. Arthur leaves his home for the first time for a longer period. He was at the sea few times before but he came back after couple of days, so this is completely new experience for him. On this trip Arthur had the luck to bump to a new land, something that is not recorded on the maps. This is quite big thing so the equipage decides to anchor at the place and explore if there are inhabitants in that place.

That is all great but young Arthur is not still accustomed to be far away from his friends and family for such long period. It may sound strange, but he has decided to pick up the necessary stuff and go back home using one of the small boats.

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