Awake at Dusk Game

Awake at Dusk Awake at Dusk Game: People remember things. We are all made of memories, of things we do and we think. Our senses help us remember important moment in our lives. Some sound, some taste, a sight, and it takes just a second or a sound to bring us back to some place we have been. They say it is perfect to be able to delete things and to reset. But not everyone is able to do that. It is the best to be able to forget forever something that bothers you, but very often that is not possible to be done. Even non-human beings want to forget things. Don’t think that only we feel things. Spirit Ruth every evening is waking up in the abandoned house in a small suburb.

She wants to leave this place because she feels that people have already noticed her. And that it is possible to do something so they would hurt her. She wants to find her personal belongings so she can destroy them so there is nothing that will connect her with this place. So, try to put yourself in spirit Ruth shoes, imagine that you are the one who is in trouble. So enjoy and have fun in playing Awake at Dusk Game.

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