Apartment 215 Game

Apartment 215 Apartment 215. Anniversaries – they are usually good days that remind us to something beautiful that has happen to us. Some beautiful day that we remember during our life like the day of our wedding. The day we met some person, the day when we moved from one place of living to another… Some people are really related to those dates, they remember them and celebrate them each year while other people like to live the moment, they know that there was some special day but they are not related to numbers or something.

The action of ours today’s game is located in the apartment 215. You are probably wondering why this apartment is so special. Well that is the apartment rented by one married couple every year for their anniversary. It has become a tradition for them, to go back to that place where they actually decided that they should start living together. This is a room full of memories, memories that they don’t like to be forgotten and since repeating is the key for remembering things. They come to this place every year on the same date and revive the memories, building new memories based on the current happenings.

And that’s quite easy since this apartment is located in wonderful environment, near the sandy beach. With amazing sea view, in a resort with numerous bars and a variety of restaurants to suit all tastes…

Apartment 215 is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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