Aoede in Wonderhaven Game

Aoede in WonderhavenAoede in Wonderhaven. Did you hear about this children musical called Is Love a Fairy Tale? It is a story about Aoede the Muse who goes looking for love in a magical kingdom known as Wonderhaven. On her way she meets many colorful characters like Morpheus, Binkle, Albert, Mr. Wonderful, Amala and Ghost Sceleton . In the following game you will meet all those characters and you will travel together with Aoede through her adventure, looking for true love. You will also have the chance to hear the interesting dialogues between the characters and that is something not so typical for the games. You will have the feeling as you are really hearing the whole musical, but however, if you like to get to the end and reveal the whole story, you got to do something more.

Aoede in Wonderhaven is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

Play Aoede in Wonderhaven Game

Now there are some rules of playing that need to be learned before you start the game. They are quite simple so you shouldn't worry about them. So, you look at the pictures looking for those hidden objects that are given on the list that is positioned under the main window. Once you spot one of them, you use the mouse cursor to point at it and you click the left mouse button, to select it. Finding all 10 items in a level leads you to another part of the story, and after you listen to it, you continue into the next level. Finishing all levels is a condition for hearing the whole story.