Anna’s Restaurant

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Game Details

Annas RestaurantAnna’s Restaurant. Meet Anna! She is one nice girl that has done everything in her life by her own. She was working before at many other restaurants, she has gained enough experience and now she feels prepared to start her own business opening own restaurant. But however, restaurant is not something that could be easily run alone, and that’s why she is asking for some help from you.

The first step is cleaning out the place, so check out what your task will be. Before you actually start playing, check out the instructions first. They are simple and clear you check out the list given on the side of the main picture and you start searching for those items. When you see some object that is wanted, point it with the mouse cursor and then click on it with the left mouse button or use the touchpad if its easier for you. On the same way you choose the hint option. Now you may start playing. We hope that you wont disappoint Anna on this big day for her. Good luck in playing Anna’s Restaurant Game!