Animal Lovers Game

Animal Lovers Animal Lovers Game: Animals are part of the planet. If we think that humans are the only visitors of the Earth, we are mistaking. Though, very often and unfortunately we have proven to be very uncaring and cruel toward the nature and the animals even more. You will hear about nasty people who poison dogs or cats in the neighborhood. Only because they hate to listen the barking or the yowling. We all get devastated by the red water terrifying images with slaughtered whales and dolphins that live on the Faroe Islands? Who are we to believe that we are the masters of the planet? Who gave us that liberty to act as we are the sovereigns? We suppose we took it by ourselves, just because the nature gave us the possibility to think, to be reasonable and smart.

But, very often we are actually show that we have lost our minds. When it comes to the cruelest wars we are provoking, to the barefaced way we are handling with our environment and everyone we find weaker than us. Fortunately, there are people that can’t imagine their lives without their pets. And the choice of what can be your pet at all is very big. There are great lovers of iguanas or such that love to have Guinea pigs or even pigs at home. Human’s imagination can go far, you would agree.

Today we are offering you a short walk through the small village called Caravel, famous by the interesting characteristics, and that is the adoration of animals. Their attitude toward the animals is pretty humanistic and with a lot of care. Our player is visiting the village for the first time. He/she gets to know the everyday life of the habitants of this village. So, no matter what kind of a person you are, be animal friendly in Animal Lovers Game.

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