Andrew The Interior Designer Game

Andrew - The Interior Designer Andrew The Interior Designer. Yes, it is always like that – we decorate our apartments in some way and after some period of time passes, we get bored from it and we like something new to include into our surrounding. And while some people decide to make some small but sweet changes that will give a new charm to the whole place. Some other people decide to change everything all over, even breaking the walls and making completely new layout of the apartment.

And it was something like that with the Walsh family. They live in the same place for a longer time and their apartment is designed with great taste. But however, after some period of time they got accustomed to all of that and they felt that they need some kind of a change, but a fundamental change that will give completely new spirit to the whole place. That’s why they called the famous interior designer Andrew to help them. His job is to look at the apartment really carefully and make a complete reshuffle of the whole interior place since the Walsh family is not satisfied with the current look of the place.

That will took some time for Andrew since he has to consider many aspects while making the new arrangement but since he is a professional, he won’t have any troubles. On other hand his experience has made him to be a real magician for those things so it is quite sure that this apartment will become a wonderful place again.

Andrew The Interior Designer is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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