An Angry Queen Game

An Angry Queen An Angry Queen. Well don’t think that the queen from Snow-white was the only evil queen that ever existed. Perhaps she is the most popular but people that lived in the kingdoms weren’t so much happy in every case. Many years ago, there was a powerful kingdom known by the name Kastelonija. When we say powerful, we usually think about powerful rulers of that kingdom and perhaps it was like that in this kingdom, but not in any sense. Kastelonija kingdom was actually ruled by a very evil queen, the queen Arbena.

Beside her specific way of ruling the kingdom, she was also known by the tortures done on her servants. Arbena was a mistress in the right sense of the word, wanting to rule with everything and everyone and when we add her jealousy to all that, we could realize that there was a terrible person at the the throne of the kingdom Kastelonija. Queen Arbena finds out that the people from her kingdom have found 10 precious diamonds and they are keeping those diamonds far away from her.

She sends her most faithful servant in search for those 10 diamonds that are so well hidden somewhere in the kingdom since she is prepared to get to them on every possible way.

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