Amulet of Ancients

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Amulet of AncientsAmulet of Ancients. Amulet is an ornament or small piece of jewelry believed to provide protection against evil, danger, or disease. Those objects are different from the talismans seeing that a talisman is thought to bring luck or some other advantage, despite the fact that it could give protections as well. Amulets are time and again mistaken with pendants – charms that hang up from necklace. However, any given pendant might certainly be an amulet, but so possibly will any other charm which claims to defend the one that owns it from danger. As amulets are usually worn gems, above all engraved gems, than statues, coins, drawings, pendants, rings, plants, and animals; yet words in the form of a magical spell or chant to keep away evil or bad luck.

Many of the tribes wore their amulets that are specially made to keep them luck. The tribe Pahoja had their own amulet but somehow they managed to lose this precious item so at the moment there is a threat of extinction of the tribe by some incurable disease. That is quite scary and dangerous so the village fortune teller gives an order the best soldiers from the tribe to start looking for the amulet. The fortune teller is quite convinced that if they find the amulet faster, the tribe would be saved and the thread of the incurable disease will be over.

But however, those soldiers will have to be really fast and efficient and accomplish their mission before it becomes too late and the disease spreads too much. Maybe we could be of use and help the tribe solve their problem by finding the amulet as fast as they can.