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Alpine ParadiseAlpine Paradise. For someone who is fan of skiing sports, boarding, alpinism or at least mountain walking, Alpes certainly are one of the most wanted and desired destination. And one can only be jealous to people that live close to these beautiful mountains and hills that simply are breath taking. The fresh air, the white and silver colored landscapes are relaxing your soul and body and are certainly healing any problem you have. You can choose to walk if you don’t want to bother with physical activity. Or you can choose to relax in some nice spa resort, with massages, hot baths outside or saunas.

That surely is a perfect vacation for everyone. And, include in that the delicious food these countries have (Italy, France, Austria), the tasty soups of all kinds, you will hardly wait for the dinner time to come. And for those most adventurers and anxious to wait for the winter, imagine, you go on a high way and the car in front of you has the skiing equipment heading to Cermat, for instance, on some glacier. That is magnificent!

Our today’s main player is a lady that loves the mountains, the fresh air and surely enjoys that ambience almost every winter. She is not some great skier, but adores the whole winter atmosphere on a mountain. There is no mountain in Europe that she hadn’t visit. Alpes are her biggest love. Amber is a middle aged woman and great admirer of the mountains and the spa tourism. She finds out on Internet that Alpes have new spa center. Amber is pretty tired from everyday obligations this period and decides to spend this years’ vacation exactly in the new opened exclusive spa center on Alpes, called ‘Alpine Paradise’. This is good announcement of the new winter season, isn’t it?