Against the Wind Game

Against the Wind Against the Wind. People sometimes believe that they are almighty, forgetting that actually the nature has the things in its hands. By this we mean on those weather changes, the natural catastrophes – things that actually control our everyday life. Actually we plan our actions, we plan where we would live or simply spend our time in coordination to those factors. However, the nature is not always good to us, its order sometimes changes and then those accidents happen – earthquakes, flooding, dryness, storms, strong winds…

Justin and Sara are part of a rescue team that is called to come in one small city in the north part of the land. They are on task to deal with the chaos that has appeared after the terrible storm that has attacked this city. The storm has left huge catastrophe in the city and this team has to be very effective to settle things down and prepare the terrain for life because people have lost many of their belongings. Justin and Sara have a task to find out all the useful objects that will help them deal with the situation and they are really focused on their job because the situation is quite serious. Besides Justin and Sara, you will also be a part of this rescue team. You know your task very well, so you better start away before things become even more mixed up.

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