After the End Game

After the End After the End. Apocalyptic predictions, stories about the end of the world, that’s something that we hear all the time. We are aware that there have been numerous changes of the earth all through the ages of her existence so we are expecting something to happen in future, at the same time hoping that it will actually never happen…

The action of today’s game happens in the future. It is about a science fiction story that is located in 2150, many years after our existence. We can’t say that it might be a prediction but according to this story, there has been a world war three and after that war, there has been an end of the world. It seems that no one succeeded or at least no one but actually it was more about a transformation of the humanity and creation of something new.

The end of the world signifies a beginning of a new world. How there are robots ruling the earth. The roles are changed – now people take orders from the robots, living under their jurisdiction. However, there are rumors that at the north part of the earth, there is a colony of people that have won over the robots and now they live free. Our hero has to run away from the city that is ruled by the robots and go to the north, hoping that he will find free people. When they will be more, they could somehow manage to bring power to people’s hands again.

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