After the Earthquake Game

After the Earthquake After the Earthquake. Yes, it is still like that, we may think that we are powerful and everything, we think that we could change the world, even change the planet but when it comes about the natural phenomena, we are simply helpless to do anything. Even if the seismologists have tried everything to predict happenings of this kind, still almost nothing that can be done about the earthquakes or the floods… Even if those professionals are close to the prediction of something, usually it doesn’t happen with the same strength as predicted so again it is not for sure; we still don’t have that power…

There has been a natural catastrophe in one big metropolis, an earthquake has hit this place in a time when all people are at work, making them feel even more helpless. Mr. Walter woke up in his house, while his wife was at work at the moment. This terrible earthquake has broken the telephone lines so they don’t work.

Mr. Walters is all in panics because he doesn’t know if his wife is well. He has to get to her working place but many things seem to be destroyed because of the earthquake so he would need your help a little, to help him get safely to the place. We are all hoping that she is hidden somewhere safe, and she is doing all right, don’t we?!

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