After Holidays

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Game Details

After HolidaysAfter Holidays. Holidays are already gone. It is about a period of the year that everyone loves, when people get together to celebrate beautiful things in our homes. We spend some time decorating our home, buying a tree, putting some interesting lights… It is usually related with a lot of specially prepared foods and drinking, a lot of friendship… And that is all great, that is something that everyone loves but what about the time after that? Well that is another story, we could say completely different story. Since everyone is relaxing during the holidays, seems that no one cares about cleaning and the period after that could be very difficult in sense that there is so much job that needs to be done! And that’s something that causes headaches to people, a lot of headaches but some things simply had to be done.

This is actually the plot of the following cleaning hidden object game. The holidays are over and what is left behind is a terribly big mess in the house that has to be cleaned up. You’ll be helping by cleaning each scene that is actually a different room that is all totally unclean. You will see numerous objects spread all around but you should take care only of the ones that are given to you on the list that is positioned under the main picture. There are 10 objects hidden in every level so take care that you find all of them, in order to complete a level and finish the whole game.

After Holidays is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.