Across the Barrier

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Across the BarrierAcross the Barrier. We live in the present we could see what is happening around us and have an influence on those this, also some things that would happen in the near future but no one knows what will be years after. There are some predictions, perhaps some prophecies given by some supposedly psychic people, but even if they are right, we can’t know that for sure until the actual even happens.

Today’s game takes place somewhere is some fictional future, or perhaps it would be a real future… but that’s something we can’t know. In this future some creatures from another planet start occupying certain territories from the earth. This invasion seems to be quite strong and sooner or later it will occupy the whole planet. One of the occupied territories is Jacob’s city, and a part of the city is under siege by aliens. Jacob has to get to the other part of the city where his father lives and bring him some food and water, so he could survive the siege.

In order to get to the other part of the city, Jacob has to pass the barrier set up by the occupiers and for that purpose; he would need some help from you. Since those occupiers seem to notice everything and keep the city pretty tight under this siege, we have to be extremely concentrated on our work and make sure we finish our job, without being noticed because otherwise, who knows what could happen to us.