Abracadabras Journey Game

Abracadabras Journey Abracadabras Journey. The game in this story is based on a true event that happened back in the year 1987, somewhere on the Saba Island. The young the young Jefferson couple was preparing for the most important journey in their life. They were actually fulfilling their dream to cruise near the Caribbean Islands, but sometimes things could take the opposite way of what you’ve imagined Are you prepared to take this journey together with the Jefferson couple? Perhaps you’ll be really helpful in some of the situations.

This would be a great adventure since there are included many levels and each one of them is own in general, but also is a piece of one bigger story. Again your mouse will be your only tool for playing the game (or you may play using the touchpad of the laptop). Once you spot and items, simply point at it with the mouse and select it clicking on it with the left mouse button. In each level there are two hints available so use them smart.

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