Above the Clouds Game

Above the Clouds Above the Clouds. We all know that saying – when someone wants something so much, even the Gods will be good with him or her and help her achieve that. If you stay focused on what you really dream of, then, the good forces will help you. This sounds a bit as a fairy tale, but it actually is so. One who enters in a thing with anger, fear, resistance, can’t expect for success in anything. Such ambition we placed in the characters of our game for today. We are talking about few brave and ambitious adventurers who have already conquered everything on the earth and started looking for new challenges up there in the high clouds. Their new mission is the most wanted castle in the world. It is cold Skyhold and it is placed high into the clouds.

A group of adventurers decide to go up in the heights with the assistance of a Balloon and are willing to find that mysterious castle. They arrive in front of the castle and at the same moment, their Balon crushes down. Now, they end up in Skyhold and they have to find a way how to fix their Balloon and to return back.

So, when they at least expected, a problem appeared. Now, it’s time to face the reality and think of the easiest and fastest way to solve the situation that can bring them back home. Going home is the challenge everyone would fight for. The adventurers first had to find out what material is the Balloon made of, so they could answer themselves how to fix it. We need your help, our fateful players, to help them find the way. They will appreciate your sacrifice for them. Have a fun time and give your best for the adventurers to find their way.

Above the Clouds is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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