A Walk to Remember Game

A-Walk-to-Remember A Walk to Remember. A person could not know what will happen that day or who will meet that day, when he wakes up early in the morning. Some days bring good things, some not so good things but that is the dynamics of living and we can’t do anything about it except to pull out the best of every situation.

One gentleman is walking his dog in the park every day. It is the same park, the same dog and the things that happen there are usually the same or at least every day seems like the day before. There is no big excitement in those walks but they are generally good for this gentleman, including his dear dog.

However, this day started as every other day. The man was walking his dog through the park when suddenly the dog gets rid of the leash and starts to run. The gentleman can’t remember on other situation similar to this, he is really confused about it but he has to stay calm and start running right away, if he likes to catch his pet. Chasing the dog, the gentleman gets to a small house. The dog stays there while a really wonderful lady comes out of the house. They start a nice conversation and once they realize that they have numerous common interests, they continue walking the dog together. This would definitely be a walk to remember for both of them.

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