A Stranger in my Home Game

A Stranger in my Home A Stranger in my Home. Wow, away from some romantic connotations a stranger in someone’s house is quite delicate thing, actually very scary thing! Imagine, you were somewhere out and you came back at your home and found a stranger there, a person that you see for the first time in your life – that is really, really bad sight!

But also there is another option of this situation, the stranger was there but he left the place, leaving you without many of your favorite things! That is the situation of our character from today’s game. He came back from work and he saw that someone was there since his stuff was spread around the house. It was a complete mess so he couldn’t realize at first what is missing so it is best to start from the beginning, clean that mess and see if something is missing.

You will be helping our character to check out the rooms in the house and looking for his private stuff. In each room (level), there are certain objects that need to be found and after you are done with all of them, you could move into the next level where other objects are waiting for you. There have been some valuable objects in the house so you better look carefully and find them, but if you don’t find them, that would mean that the stranger has made a real ‘cleaning’ of the house.

A Stranger in my Home is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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