A Special Day Game

A Special Day A Special Day. People come and go. We miss some of them very much but what can we do if they or some member of their family have decided that their future will be better on some other place. After a while we usually accept the loss of that friend and we keep up with the good memories, recalling them when we feel alone or when something reminds us of that person. And if we see them again, that is a real bless but in some cases that never happens.

Mrs. Larisa is one very nice lady but she feels little bit alone. The reason for that is that she had few very good friends that went somewhere abroad while they were still teenagers and they left to live there. That was very trilling moment for Larisa because she had the best moments of her life with those friends. They were very close and they share bad and good together for many years and after them, Larisa didn’t manage to find so good friends but today Larisa received unexpected call from her friends. Today they are in the town and they like to see her. This was a great surprise for Larisa that she expected for years. That’s why she has decided to invite them on a nice supper. She is very excited and she is preparing them one of her favorite recipes.

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