A Royal Affair Game

A Royal AffairA Royal Affair. In the kingdom known as Ferdonia, there is a young prince that faces quite desperate situation related to the tradition and the obligations for being royal. King Peter is his father and yet when the young prince was even younger, he made an arrangement for a marriage of his son with a princess from the neighboring Kingdom. Marrying a royal blood is very important for the development of the Kingdom itself since that way they will somehow expand their territory and make their Kingdom even stronger.

The rulers always think about their position first, and them about their relative’s feelings but it seems like king Peter will face some trouble with his son. As a matter of fact, the young prince has fallen in love in Margaret. She is a very nice girl, very beautiful and very smart, but she is quite poor. There is nothing royal in her, just a regular girl that lives in the kingdom but she has managed to capture the young prince’s attention so they are dating once in a week in the near forest.

The path that leads them to their love nest is hidden, so they have to be really careful because someone could see them. This is a quite big problem between the prince and his father and who knows if the prince could manage to keep his relationship with Margaret, without having any bigger problems with his father about the choices he’s made.

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