A Panic House Game

A Panic House A Panic House. All people are scared of something. It is usually about something that has scared them when they were too young, some strange event or some unusual sight and then later, that fear develops into something bigger or something modified.

The narrator of this game tells a happening that has happened when he was very young. He, together with his friends, lives near to a strange abandoned house at the end of the street. It always seemed that something strange was happening there and they believed that once you enter there, you can’t go out, never. This could be a child’s believing but that is something that has followed our character through his life, even we he has become all grown up, believing that that house brings a feeling of a panic that overrules you and doesn’t let you leave the place.

However, many years has passed so he doesn’t like to be related to something like that, he doesn’t like to have fears that follow him no matter what he does so he has decided to put an end of that chapter of his living. He likes to face his greatest fear and finally enter into that house, to prove himself, but also to prove others, that he is braver than them and he passed the fear. We won’t let this man go alone into that house, that is his facing but we will help him deal with the situation. Don’t be scared and see what is happening into that panic house.

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